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Mill Hill falls within Sector 2 of the Randburg Community Police Forum (CPF), of which we are an active member. Community members play a vital role in crime prevention by being informed, involved and pro-active in their communities and so contribute to ensuring a safe and secure environment.


Sector policing is a system in which a police station precinct (in our case Randburg SAPS) is divided into smaller manageable areas of operation called sectors (in our case Sector 2). Each sector has a manager (in our case Warrant Officer Hein van Heerden) whose job it is to familiarise him/herself with the area, its problems and its unique security requirements/challenges. Sector policing is aimed at preventing crime. In order to be effective, communication between the community and the sector management is a fundamental requirement.


The purpose of sector policing is to:

- To perform targeted visible police patrols and ensure a rapid response to emergency calls. We have two dedicated police vehicles for Sector 2 that in emergencies residents can make direct contact with through the mobile numbers 071 675 7123 / 071 675 7117

- To address crime generators and investigate reported cases. If you are concerned about anything suspicious such as a car parked in a street for a period of time or people loitering in the street then call the sector vehicle.

- To provide a localised policing service to the community in accordance with their respective needs. If we are aware of specific issues in our suburb such as vagrants or vacant properties then we liaise with the police to address the problem.

The role of the Sector Manager is:

- To mobilize and organise the community in the sector to take action against local crime together with the police.

- To act as liaison between the community of the sector and the local police station.

- To act as a crime prevention officer, which involves being responsible for all plans and projects to address crime in the sector.

The role of the community is to:

- Attend the Sector CPF meetings and feed back to the community so as to deal, preferably proactively, with crime in the sector.

- To participate in neighborhood initiatives to safeguard the area in which they live, work and play.

- To take ownership of community policing and support the South African Police Service in the enforcement of the law.



We urge all residents to encourage their staff to attend the Mill Hill Domestic Workers Forum. This initiative of Mill Hill Residents Association in conjunction with Randburg SAPS and Sector 2 Randburg CPF, aims to empower workers with the knowledge and skills to not only deal with emergency events, but more importantly to train them in how to avoid security incidents.

The Domestic Workers Forum is held every 2 months on a Thursday afternoon for 1 hour between 14h00 and 15h00. All domestic workers are given an invitation and the forum is advertised on the notice board at the boom (or check the online Calendar for updates). At the end of the year those who have attended regularly receive a certificate. Our staff are often the eyes and ears in the community and they play an important role in keeping all of us safe.

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